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Shower Steamers - 4 pack variety

Shower Steamers - 4 pack variety

Relax and unwind with an at home spa experience in your very own shower by adding one of our steamers... just simply add to your shower out of direct water flow for best results.


Choose your 4 favourite steamers or have one of each!


Relax and Unwind: Made with a beautiful blend of lavender and chamomile essential oils and dried lavender bud, this steamer is a great way to help destress, relax and unwind before bed time.


Out of Sorts: Using a blend of eucalyptus and peppermint essential oils and dried eucalyptus leaves, this steamer is sure to help relive congestion and clear the mind.


Wake me up: Our citrus blend steamer includes lemon, orange and grapefruit essential oils with dried lemon myrtle bud and leaves throughout. Using this in a morning shower will help give you an energy and mood boost to start your day off right.


The morning after: This steamer is infused with a beautiful blend of peppermint, lavender, sweet orange, lemonm, grapefruit and ginger essetial oils. These oils combined can help with those 'blah' mornings and help ease and relieve headaches and fatigue.




    * For best results place somewhere in your shower away from direct water to enjoy the aromatherapy for that little bit longer.

    **Please do not put shower steamer into bath as there is a high amount of essential oils used that could cause skin irritation if soaking in them.

    ***Please do research on essential oils before use, especially if pregnant or breas


    FREE local pick up - Canton Beach, Central Coast NSW

    $4.95 flat rate standard shipping - Australia wide

    Free shipping when you spend over $75


    Ingredients: sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, witch hazel, almond oil, essential oils, dried flower bud, mica powder.


relax and unwind

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